West Bend 40005X Electronic Timer

Stay perfectly on track with the West Bend 40005X Electronic Countdown Kitchen Timer! The digital clock features a minute minder that alerts you when time is running low, as well as an LCD screen that’s easy to read. Before you know it


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West Bend saves you time in the kitchen with the 40005X electronic timer. Cooking a variety of different dishes is easy with this timer’s programmable settings. It features an hour and minute button, as well as a three-minute heat hold setting. Gentle slide control for smooth operation makes it simple to set and reset the timer. The built-in magnet helps to secure the West Bend 40005X to refrigerator doors, or any other metal surface in the kitchen.

West Bend has designed the perfect solution to preparing delicious foods, whether you’re using your microwave to make a quick lunch or dinner, baking chocolate chip cookies or a delicious turtle cheesecake. The 40005X Electronic Timer is simple to use and compact, making it ideal for anyone’s kitchen.

No one should have to live without a kitchen timer, and West Bend is making sure that no one does. The Westbend 40005X Electronic Timer is simple yet effective. This compact timer allows you to set up to 4 separate time periods, simply turn the dial to the number of minutes for each of the periods. If you need more than 4 intervals of time, set it up in multiples of 60 (seconds).

West Bend’s 4-dial 40005X Electronic Timer is all you need to help you keep track of cooking times for your roasts, potatoes, and anything else that requires watching. Its four dials are large and easily readable from across the kitchen, dispensing with the frustration of trying to read small print on a tiny timer. One dial controls power on/off. A second dial is used to set cooking time, up to 99 minutes. The third dial tracks up to 99 minutes of baking time, and the fourth dial counts down the remaining time.






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